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tokenized capital ​markets ​infrastruc​ture

Transforming Private Markets with Blockchain-Based ​Solut​ions

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A new primitive for private markets

A platform for tokenizing real world ​assets (RWA) that simplifies ​compliance by leaving your existing ​governance and cap table ​unaffected

Tokenize your existing holdings to ​access our compliant, on-chain ​private markets

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Why SmartFunds

SmartFunds is at the the forefront of modernizing capital markets through our blockchain-based ​infrastructure. We offer a suite of innovative solutions designed to streamline primary issuance, ​enhance transfer processes, and create vibrant, compliant private markets.

Tokenized ​SPVs

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blockchain ​transfer ​agent

on-chain ​private ​markets

tokenization ​of existing ​securities

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tokenized spvs

Unlock the potential of your assets with our Tokenized ​Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV). This pioneering approach ​simplifies the issuance and management of securities by ​leveraging blockchain technology.

  • Effortless Tokenization: Seamlessly convert traditional ​securities into digital tokens.
  • Streamlined Primary Issuance: Simplify the process of ​bringing new securities to market.
  • Enhanced Liquidity: Facilitate easy trading and transfer of ​tokenized assets.

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blockchain-based ​transfer agent

Reimagine the role of a transfer agent with our ​Blockchain-Based Transfer Agent solution. By ​automating traditional processes through smart ​contracts and decentralized ledgers, we offer a ​secure, efficient, and transparent way to manage ​securities.

  • Automated Ownership Records: Maintain precise ​and immutable records on the blockchain.
  • Real-Time Transfers: Experience instant, secure ​transactions with blockchain technology.
  • Compliance and Security: Ensure regulatory ​compliance and robust fraud prevention.

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compliant, on-chain​ private markets​

Enter the future of trading with our On-Chain Private ​Markets. Starting with secondary markets, we provide a ​compliant platform for the seamless buying and selling ​of private assets.

  • Frictionless Secondary Trading: Enjoy effortless trading of ​private securities.
  • Transparency and Trust: Benefit from the inherent ​transparency of blockchain.
  • Regulatory Assurance: Engage in fully compliant ​transactions with built-in regulatory checks.

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tokenization of ​existing ​securities​

Our SmartSPV doubles as a tokenization ​engine, acting as a legal wrapper for your ​existing holdings.

Because the SPV’s cap table is natively on-​chain, using a SmartSPV creates an on-​chain derivative security that can be traded ​in our, compliant on-chain markets.

You get easy access to secondaries while ​also keeping full control of your cap table.

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